The Vision

The vision of the National Dialogue Party is to achieve real reform and true democracy, and not to craft a self-serving revolving method to the continuing development changes on the political scene. The party sees that all the Lebanese parties, which have been tainted by Lebanese blood during the civil war, have failed to rise above their past. Those parties should rehabilitate and transform themselves into political parties with a positive impact on Lebanese society as a whole, and more importantly, should transform themselves into proper democratic parties.

It is crucial that, regardless of the number of parties present, Lebanon should have a workable parliamentary party system. Only such a system would assure that any political difference or disagreement would be based solely on political ideology and not on any sectarian or religious bias, which disrupts the practice of democracy. The party sees that in order to create a future of prosperity for the Lebanese people, the development of a program providing political, economic, social, academic, and health care for the Lebanese people is a must.

For such purposes the National Dialogue Party was born; a party that aims at social equality and social justice for all the Lebanese people, a party that works for serious cooperation among all Lebanese parties through a serious national dialogue involving all the Lebanese.


The Mission

It is necessary today to have a political institution that deals with the social and economic problems facing the Lebanese citizens. Consequently, the National Dialogue Party has put together a political program to address such pressing issues and offer practical solutions. The Party’s vision does not stem from any narrow minded ideology, but rather from a liberal democratic perspective that celebrates all different beliefs and ideas in Lebanese society.

One of our party’s main goals is to promote a national dialogue in order to create an extensive reform of all aspects of society, hence, ensuring social equality and justice. Previous Lebanese governments, since Al-Taif Accord, have not been seriously dedicated to eliminating the obstacles hindering the development of a truly Lebanese dialogue. Such a dialogue needs to be honest and truthful in order to achieve its purposes, mainly to reform the current political system and ideas and form a healthy relationship with other countries.

The party views such a development as a fundamental step in liberating the Lebanese citizens from the unfair prison they had been jailed into and to create a free and just Lebanon. A country we had all been dreaming of, free from political corruption, bribery, insecurity, sectarianism and favoritism. Such a free country, we believe, could be achieved through a political, economic, judicial, educational and healthcare program. Such a program will ease up all the problems of the Lebanese citizens and assist in uniting all the Lebanese from all the regions in order to serve their country through a united a vision based on national dialogue.